About Us


The “Arabella” is a 50’ x 28’ family- friendly Catamaran with a mast that towers 64’ high. She is constructed of cold molded Mahogany & Cedar and weighs approximately 10 tons, which makes her a very sturdy and stable vessel on the water. Arabella has more deck and trampoline space than any vessel in the area and an enclosed pilot house that offers protection while allowing 360 degrees of visibility. The large main sail and head sail can move the vessel at speeds up to 15 knots. When the winds become light, Arabella glides through the water effortlessly under diesel auxiliary power at around 7 knots. The catamaran is US Coast Guard Certified to carry up to 48 passengers and 3 crew members. There is a full restroom facility on board and a full kitchen with plenty of room for storage if you should choose to cater your own event. The Arabella is wheelchair accessible, with benched seating on both sides as well as the back of the boat plus seating inside the Pilot House and below decks..


Sunscreen, hat or visor, sunglasses, jacket, snacks, small cooler with beverages.


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